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Christian Childbirth Classes

Discover the benefits of private childbirth education

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SonRays Ministries, Inc. offers Christ-centered, private, childbirth education classes. The benefits of these classes are numerous. Not only will you be educated about the process of pregnancy, prepare for the labor and delivery, experience and learn comfort techniques, you will do so through scripture promises and prayer. These classes are practical, personal, and encouraging. They encourage you to envision and experience a safe and peaceful birth while applying God’s Word and wisdom during labor and delivery. Having a Christ-centered focus helps to eliminate fear and put your faith and confidence in the Lord.

Topics covered by these classes include:

  • pregnancy care and comfort
  • the anatomy of labor and delivery
  • relaxation techniques and breathing patterns
  • what to expect postpartum

You may also request a certified doula to assist you during labor and delivery.

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